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Motorcycle and leather, anyone?

Up until recently, I have been scared shitless of motorcycles. My dad had one when he was my age, crashed it (not his fault) and suffered a bad concussion (as did everyone else I know who owned/ owns a bike). My mom worked in a hospital and saw countless motorcycle accident victims and I grew up hearing horror stories. In no way did my parents give me the message that street bikes were bad or dangerous, they were simply sharing stories. I just put it in my head that they were scary death traps.

About a year ago, I saw a woman riding a street bike next to me. We pulled up to the red light and I admired everything about her. I’m straight (and married, mind you), but I couldn’t help but admire the way her body hugged the bike. Her legs were long and lean and her back, although covered in a leather get up of some type, looked tight and beautifully arched as she leaned over her beautiful Honda.

The light turned green and I saw her pick up her foot and begin shifting. I looked down at my ’99 Civic I owned at the time, and although it was a manual, I still felt envious over how badass she looked taking off down the street, her foot shifting the bike that was now so far away from my cardboard box with wheels.

I now have a strong appreciation for street bikes, and although I may not feel comfortable enough to ride one quite yet, I’m dying to do a photoshoot with a beautiful bike, whether it be a Harley or sporty street bike.

Leather jacket, torn jeans or matching leather pants, kick ass boots, faux hawk type hair with edgy makeup.. Whats not to love?